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Interior designers: Whitespade was co-founded by two boys from the Straits Settlements in 2012. Awang is from Malacca while JC is from Penang, both met when they were studying interior design in Kuala Lumpur. Their take on design is such that every purposeful design has to solve at least a specific problem, and it has to be done with concerns towards it's context. The context could mean it's immediate surrounding or environment, people, culture, or current social issues. The response towards these concerns naturally interprets itself into design contents. It is the very same reason why wainscoting is three feet above the floor and attap houses are on stilts.
The recently completed Bunk & Bilik in Jalan Ipoh speak of such values. It is very much about Malaysian culture and everything that revolves around it. The usage of local crafted rattan furniture is also to demonstrate how we could incorporate such elements tastefully in contemporary space, in wake of the dying trade.

When not designing, Awang and JC are seen exploring the nooks and crannies of Malaysian trunk roads on motorcycles.

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