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Home store: Eve grew up in Penang and pursued her tertiary studies in the United States. Upon graduation, she returned to her home country and settled in Kuala Lumpur to work in the financial industry. Having been exposed to various creative cultures around the world, Eve is fascinated by the philosophy of everyday aesthetics and wanted to make a change for herself and many others who lead a mundane working life in the city, hence the inception of Ninth Gallery. In her spare time she loves reading, discovering pretty things and spending time with family and friends. She believes in by paying attention to details, you’ll be able to find your passion and happiness in life.As a believer of everyday aesthetics, Ninth Gallery aims to help Malaysians infuse the concepts of art, passion and beauty into their mundane everyday lives. We are not just one of the pioneers who bring in designer creative lifestyle products from countries with vibrant cultural & creative industries such as Japan, Taiwan, Europe and US, but also strive to support independent Malaysian designers by making their works known to the local creative culture-loving community.

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