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Interior designer: Effendy Nadzri Design Office ( Endo Sdn Bhd ) is devoted to building contemporary spaces & all things within that context. With our 10 years experience in the industry we believe that since we as people spend 80% of our life indoors, that good interior design & space planning can improvise our quality of life. Our mission; is to create livable contemporary space that are both practical and aesthetically pleasant looking, regardless of the scale. Our space design and planning process mainly focus on maximizing the space potential and problem solving based on the occupants or end users requirement.
When most companies deliver a design in a nick of time, it’s not wrong for the consumer to be skeptical on how much effort is put into it.Choosing a Brands or company that work on a small budget though may be tempting but it does not always translate your vision and reflects on the execution and quality of the final product.
At ENDO, we craft designs to the minutest details. We pay close attention to the quality of products and the longevity of the style to create timeless interiors. We need the luxury to put in a reasonable amount of time and to devote in our design process to create an affluent design.If urgency is not your policy, we are the perfect match.
We offer design consultations, design and build, and building only services to suit your interior needs. Over and above that, ENDO also specializes in customization of furniture, whether it be built-in, loose, or as large fixtures.
If you looking for something niche and different, choose ENDO.

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