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Once upon a time many moons ago, the ceramic designer Datin Rosmah Yaakub was an interior-designer-wannabe, a landscaping-enthusiast, a confused scholarship-holder, a clueless town-planner, a restless professional, a frustrated creative-soul, an angry idealistic-dreamer, an impatient creator, an emotional decision-maker, a passionate risk-taker and very simply, an accidental business-owner…
Established in 1993, kéceramics produces its own ceramic design collections from retail-sales in its own galleries and selected consignment outlets; sells them worldwide through its eSHOP; undertakes commissioning-works for specialised projects; and custom-makes bulk-orders accordingly to client’s specifications
Kéceramics manufacturing focus is on handmade-tiles for wall-enhancements that includes both 2Dand 3D applications.. Our handmade tiles are custom-made to your unique sizes and specifications, and whilst we can deliver bulk-quantity for your interior projects, we consciously strive to maintain that handmade quality to achieve that much-desired artistic-look on your walls. Some of these handmade-tiles are frame-up and converted into unique gifts and decorative items, available for retail-sales at our galleries and online-shop

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