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Homestore:BentukBentuk is a home decor and lifestyle product made out of concrete. It is a word from Malaysian language origin which means "Shapes". It rhymes with our product, varieties of shapes made with an unexpected material, concrete.
It's no secret that concrete is an incredible building material, and the fact that it's essentially waterproof explains why it's often used to make outdoor furniture and garden décor. But until recently, the stone like material hadn't quite made its way inside the house. Now, paving our way into this less traveled road, now the raw material is one of the greatest new trends in interior décor.Our aesthetic is in geometric shapes and all unique yet elegant shapes to suit the current modern and trendy home decor trends.
All our products are handmade thus making each of it unique. There will be slight variation of colours as well as air bubbles as a result of the concrete process itself, this is inevitable and that what makes BentukBentuk a great product - you can feel the hardwork that we have put in to each of our product for your satisfaction.

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