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Interior designer: Bawang Studio is a collective of good friends, where people with almost irregular interests, breathe under one humble sky. We showcase our hobby and passion through Bawang Studio and we design just about everything. Living under the name “Bawang”, we are providing a multi-platform design, be it architecture and interior, furniture, or graphic design. Currently Bawang Studio is based in Kuala Lumpur and is fully managed by two young enthusiast designers, Mustakim Ismail and Haziq Mahpuz. Both the founders were University Malaya graduate and have been good friends since then.

Founded in 2012 (officially registered in 2014), Bawang Studio team works to achieve outstanding design in every project, whilst playing an important role in raising the awareness of the importance of design in everyday situations. Over the years, the design team has grown and are now at 5 designers.Bawang Studio has been involved in designing private residential, restaurant and café, commercial projects including designing office spaces.

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