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Artist/ Sculptor: Aboud's main medium to work with is iron, as most of his sculptures are abstract, Iron was the best material to represent it & he has more than ten years experience with sculpting Iron. He enjoys making sculptures he calls "creatures" with no specific definition; some people see them as aliens some as animals, for him, it doesn't matter, recently he has been working on a new series of portraits/masks using different kinds of materials.
Other sculptures he makes are functional, not really furniture but it's possible to be used, the idea behind is not only to create beautiful sculptures but to be able to create absolute abstract forms that can attract all kind of viewers even who are not interested in art, as they'll see the sculpture as a chair, table or stool, it's a way to interact with their visual memory while they already know their taste in furniture, they can identify what they like and what they don't. A Syrian born in Damascus he is now a full-time artist based in Penang, working in his private workshop, using iron to create abstract forms and creatures which might be related to living creatures somewhere in our universe, but at least they’re alive in his mind. Now since 2016 being on the island, he has had two solo exhibition and many group exhibitions.

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