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Furniture designer:180° Design believes that the revolution of furniture is coming, where the furniture of tomorrow should be FUN, CREATIVE and possess a great FUNCTIONALITY. We constantly look for the resolution to produce better furniture line, which is versatile in terms of FUNCTIONALITY, having the sense of FUN even by just owning it, and most importantly, the CREATIVITY in it that gives a hunch of freshness in the ordinary life. All of these traits are the basis of 180° Design.
This is our essential belief in setting up 180° Design. We innovate furniture that are utilised on a day to day basis,which are essential pieces and try make them better.
It all started with the idea of 180° Rack that allows different customization options as per to the clients’ preference. Gradually we developed our business and formed 180° Design which, specializes in designing furniture masterpieces that are extraordinary and but at the same time emphasize and enhance the users’ experience.

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